Cost Effective.

Octoral by Valspar is built upon European technology and delivers the ultimate in ease of application, coverage, and depth of imagery. With a full line of mixed-colour solvent selections, super-lustrous clearcoats, a premium waterbase solution (Octobase Eco Plus), and resilient primers, Octoral by Valspar is a superb choice for outstanding results with outstanding value.


  • Explosion protection on mixing machines and cabinets

    Octoral mixing machines and cabinets can be supplied with explosion protection (EX) on the electrical unit. There are two types of protection: - zone 2 (medium) and - zone 1 (heavy). It is important to know which kind is mandatory in your country or region to ensure your compliance with...
  • AEO Certificate for Valspar

    Valspar Automotive has received the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate from Dutch Customs. Thanks to the certification, products from and destined for Valspar Automotive will cross the border more swiftly due to the fact that shipments will be checked less frequently. This will...
  • Strategic partnership between Kia Motors Europe and Valspar Automotive

    LELYSTAD (NL) – Kia Motors Europe (KME) has entered into a partnership with Valspar Automotive which involves, amongst other services, that the Kia dealers in Europe will be able to use the Valspar De Beer Refinish and Octoral paint brands for all level of bodywork repairs. The agreement...