Let cars shine with Octoral Special Effect Colours!

The introduction of our Special Effect Colours allows you to give every colour the desired effect. With the addition of these concentrated toners, Octoral offers you a solution for special car colours, with the added, unique benefit that every toner can be used with both the Octobase Eco Plus System and the Octobase System. You can order individual toner units.

The Special Effect Colours toners are highly concentrated and available in a small squeeze bottle that hardly takes up any space. Make sure that you shake the toner at least 20 seconds before use!

The list below provides an overview of the current brands and colour codes that use the Special Effect Colours.

The new toners have been included in COINS New OEM colours will of course also be incorporated into the colour retrieval system in the future.

BW89 Emerald
BW88 Amethyst
BW87 Ruby
BW86 Jade
BW85 Garnet