Earn €20 with car colours

Every year, between 800 and 1,000 new car colours are marketed worldwide. To keep our formulas up to date, we need car panels with the car manufacturer’s original paint. Even though we collect over 10,000 panels a year, we still miss some of the important colours and shades.

Your happy customers are also our happy customers
We would like you to help us collect car panels. To assist with this, we have drawn up a list of the key colours we are looking for. Click here to see the list. We would prefer to receive a panel of 8 x 10 cm. If you have a panel from our list, please send it to the address shown below and we will pay you €20!

Valspar b.v.
FAO GCT Department
Zuiveringweg 89
8243 PE Lelystad
The Netherlands