Strategic partnership between Kia Motors Europe and Valspar Automotive

LELYSTAD (NL) – Kia Motors Europe (KME) has entered into a partnership with Valspar Automotive which involves, amongst other services, that the Kia dealers in Europe will be able to use the Valspar De Beer Refinish and Octoral paint brands for all level of bodywork repairs. The agreement also gives Kia dealers access to the extensive training and support programme of Valspar Automotive.

“The partnership offers Kia dealers opportunities for improving their productivity and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in a competitive market”, says Dr Heiner Schwan, Director of Automotive Key Accounts at Valspar Automotive. The partnership with Valspar Automotive supports Kia’s growth plans in Europe. Valspar Automotive – a supplier of colour technology – combines in-depth knowledge of the market with innovative aftermarket concepts. The high level of supply reliability based on a broad representation across Europe were also key factors for Kia deciding to enter into a partnership with Valspar.

In the coming decades the number of complex cases of vehicle damage is expected to decline due to the increase in traffic safety and technical automotive innovations. At the same time, minor damage such as scratches will remain the same or perhaps even increase. This market segment in particular offers car dealers opportunities for achieving an extra return and customer loyalty.

Uwe Hannes, Vice President KME Aftersales: “The Valspar Smart Repair Damage Indicator is a simple and easy-to-use tool which allows local Kia dealers to offer customers a repair service for minor damage and to undertake this in-house. This increases sales and profitability and also strengthens customer trust which leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.”


Valspar Automotive is a subsidiary of the Valspar Corporation (USA) which is a listed company and one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers. Valspar Automotive produces and distributes colour mixing systems, including the Octoral and De Beer Refinish brands. It also has a paste binding system for light industrial uses: Valspar Industrial Mix. Valspar products guarantee quality, colour technology and high supply reliability. All Valspar Automotive customers can count on a large pool of highly knowledgeable technical advisers across the regions. Customers are always encouraged to attend one of the many training courses held at the Business & Technical Centres.