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Octoral is dedicated to providing you with solutions that make your repair process efficient to drive productivity. The new AP871 Cure Booster is our latest product introduction for the Octoral system.

The AP871 Cure Booster:

  • Can be used in combination with the C300 HS420 Speed Clear and the C500 HS420 Superb Clear
  • Enhances productivity by reducing drying times especially in low bake conditions (40⁰C)
  • Delivers robust and durable refinish results.

Due to its multi-product usability, the Cure Booster is a more versatile option compared to the AP101 Speed Clear Additive, which can only be used with the C300 HS420 Speed Clear. As a result, the AP101 Speed Clear Additive will be rationalised and no longer available to purchase once stock levels are depleted.

The AP871 HS420 Cure Booster will be included and visible in the next COINS update due for release later this year. The TDS for the C300 HS420 Speed Clear and C500 HS420 Superb Clear Coat now include the additional mixing ratios using the new Cure Booster. Refer to the TDS to ensure you are mixing our products correctly for optimum productivity.

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To find out how we can help you make your local launch of the Octoral AP871 HS420 Cure Booster even more successful, please contact your local Octoral Sales Representative.